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TUF is a platform for people to vent or share their feelings in pure anonymity. This is not a suicide/crisis helpline. If you need to call and talk with someone right now, please contact one of these helplines.

  1. Register

    • Sign up using your email ID and set a username and password. No other personal information needs to be provided!
  2. Confirm your account

    • Verify your account using the link sent to your email ID.
  3. Log In

    • Start your journey at TUF! After logging in, answer two questions to give us an insight into what you’re dealing with.
  4. Request a Conversation

    • To start a conversation, answer two simple questions to tell us about how you feel!
  5. Share your feelings anonymously

    • A Listener will soon come to your aid and start a conversation. We hope you find the safe space you’ve been looking for.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can TUF help and not help with?

    TUF will provide trained and empathic Listeners who would listen to you without judgement, and encourage you to maintain your mental well-being in a self-help context. TUF would also provide you with free of cost consultations with licensed psychologists on the basis of our Listeners’ assessment of your condition.

    TUF is not designed to assist with crises such as abuse, severe mental health conditions that may cause feelings of suicide, harm to self and any other medical emergencies. In any of these cases and otherwise, TUF cannot and will not offer medical or clinical advice. It can only suggest that users seek emergency support help from the resources listed here.

  • Who is TUF designed to help?

    People from anywhere across the world and from any age group can speak to Listeners at TUF. However, if you are below the age of 18, please read through the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy along with your parent or legal guardian to understand eligibility before use. TUF is not to be used by children under 13 years.

  • Is there an app for the same platform?

    No, since we are new, we only have the web platform. But soon enough, we will have the app too, so stay tuned!

  • Should I use my real name as a username?

    No, you should not use your real name. Since TUF is a completely anonymous platform, we recommend that you use a dummy name or a nickname as your username, and not something similar to your username. Call yourself Superman, Wonder Woman…or Yoda even. To understand our anonymity policy, please read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

  • What security measures are taken?​

    TUF uses industry-standard safeguards to prevent unauthorized access to your data. We encrypt all data provided by you using strong TLS encryption protocols and transmitted securely from your internet browser to our servers. Your data is also encrypted at-rest in our storage servers using strong industry compliant AES-256 encryption protocols. Our servers are hosted and managed by industry leaders in the provision of cloud hosting services who have stringent GDPR and HIPAA compliant security programs and controls. We maintain service level and Data Protection agreements with our hosting partners. Please read our Privacy Policy to know more about how we secure your data.

  • How do I delete my data?

    You have the Right to be Forgotten. You can at any point of time, delete all your provided data by using the “Delete Account” feature available in the application settings. Post this, all your provided data will be deleted from our servers and cannot be recovered.

  • I am going through a crisis or emergency situation. Will Listeners at TUF help me?

    TUF is not a crisis or emergency assistance service. If you are facing any crisis such as abuse, severe mental health conditions, suicidal thoughts, harm to self and others or any emergencies, please call the relevant emergency or crisis number in your country immediately. For example, you can find some suicide emergency numbers here.

  • How to create an account on TUF?

    To speak to a Listener on TUF, creating an account is the initial step. You can click on the “Sign Up” button on the top right of this Website and enter your email ID, and choose your Username and Password, and click on “Create account”!

  • Why do I have to provide my email ID for creating an account on TUF?

    We require your email ID for the purpose of account verification and recovery. Also, you would be provided with notifications for updates on the chat with the Listener on your email ID.

  • Can I delete my account on TUF?

    You can delete your account by visiting the settings page from your dashboard and then choosing the “Delete Account” option followed by confirming the action by typing “delete” in the next textbox on the screen.

  • Would my data get permanently deleted once I delete my account?

    Yes, once you request for deleting your account, all your account information would be permanently wiped off of all our servers within 48 hours. This is a non-reversible action, so be completely sure before deleting your account.

  • How would a Listener be assigned to me?

    After you send your initial message, one of our Listeners would take up the conversation ahead with you, which would be private just between you and that particular Listener. You would receive a notification once a Listener gets assigned to you.

  • Can I choose a different Listener if I don’t prefer the Listener speaking with me?

    Yes, if at any point of time you feel like talking to a different Listener, you can close the ongoing conversation, and request a different Listener.

  • Can I share my personal information like name or social media profile with the Listeners?

    No, you can NOT share any private/personal information(including your name, social media profiles, address) with the Listener. Do ensure that you read and fully understand the platform usage instructions before creating your Speaker account.

  • Is TUF free?

    Yes! TUF is a not-for-profit organisation, and would always be completely free of cost.

  • How can I get consultations through TUF?

    When you are a Speaker at TUF, you would be referred to a Psychologist in the case that your Listener feels that you require it.

  • Who provides consultations?

    We have various expert Clinical/Counselling/Consultant Psychologists on board with who will.

  • Where will the consultations take place?

    All the consultations will happen over a video-conference call. In the case that you are referred for a professional consultation, you would receive an email mentioning the details of the video-conference meeting with the Psychologist.

  • Can I pick the time and date for the consultation?

    Yes, you will be given options to pick your preferred slot for the consultation.

  • Would the consultations be free?

    Yes, if you are referred to a Psychologist for consultations by TUF, they would be completely free of charge.

  • How can I volunteer or be a part of TUF?

    TUF would always welcome volunteers who can help us reach our mission. You can be work in TUF in the following fields:

    • Content Writing
    • Graphic Design
    • Web Development
    • Operations
    • Marketing
    • School/College Ambassador

    Reach out to our team through the contact form or send us an email on [email protected] if you believe you can help out in any manner. We will be extremely delighted to have you work with us.

  • How can I provide feedback about TUF?

    You can use the form on the contact page or email to us at [email protected].

  • My question isn’t included above, who should I contact?

    You are welcome to contact us at [email protected] and a member of the TUF Support team will get back to you.

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