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The Uliv Foundation - TUF

We are a Mental Health community and a safe space with a simple vision - to alleviate the silence around mental health issues and provide free-of-cost access to professional consultations. We are open to everyone with access to the internet - people of all backgrounds irrespective of their identity. We created this platform with blocks of absolute trust and passion, and we hope that people find warmth and comfort in reaching out to us.

Our Core Values

Core value

Respect for personal growth

Drive to selflessly help people in need

Core value
Core value


Our Mission

“To bring a revolutionary change to the world by ensuring the accessibility of mental health care for all through innovation and technology."

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Our Vision

“We envision a world where mental health issues are normalised devoid of stigma.”

The Challenge

Mental Health issues continue to be overlooked by society because of the stigma and lack of awareness around the subject. And this is what we sought to conquer precisely and create a safe space where anyone can talk about their issues or even general feelings. In such a big world where resources for everything are abundant, why are the resources allocated to mental health still less? Moreover, why is it so expensive?

How do we help?

We wish to eliminate these problems and uplift the community through our platform by providing free of cost professional consultations to those in need and providing a shoulder for supporting people.

With a history of battling clinical depression, we understand how it feels to be in a vulnerable spot and are passionate to fight the stigmatised nature of this common issue. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, through utter chaos and uncertainties around job and studies, we dealt with Mental Health issues ourselves. Up against the wall - in the middle of a breakdown - emerged the idea of The Uliv Foundation’s platform. It had always been our dream to do our bit for the Mental Health community through some means. And after months of continuous planning and implementing, The Uliv Foundation became the light of our lives.

Meet Our Founders

Archana Chellapilla

Founder / President

Archana has always had the zeal to support and elevate the mental health community as she has dealt with mental health issues as well in her past. In 2019, she thought she would begin a blog or hold a campaign; however, she yearned to do more. She had the excellent concept of building a community through a Listener-Speaker platform. She feels privileged, knowing that TUF has helped someone every day.

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Akshay Kharbanda

Founder / Vice President

Akshay’s lifelong dream has been to bring a positive change in the community and give back to society. Having personally experienced crises, he wanted to see a world where no one feels alone, especially in crisis times. His expertise in technology made it possible to conceptualise and develop the platform of TUF. He gains immense satisfaction to witness people being positively impacted through TUF and would continue contributing to uplifting the mental health community by progressively improving the platform.

Meet The Team

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